Resonic T is a classic air-bearing pendulum that measures a single moment of inertia (MOI) at a time. Thanks to an integrated calibration mechanism, Resonic T maintains outstanding accuracy over time without maintenance.

Single MOI measurements

Simple, economical, and highly accurate



Resonic T has outstanding accuracy due to the high-precision air bearing and integrated calibration mechanisms. It is on par with any high-end MOI measurement instrument on the market.

Upgrade options

Existing Resonic T systems can be upgraded to perform full mass property measurements by adding the Resonic K software and positioning adapter (Resonic K or Resonic P).

Low maintenance

Except for an exchange of air filters after a few hundred hours of operation, Resonic T requires no maintenance.


Although most applications have load requirements below 100 kg, Resonic T can be easily scaled to large objects weighing 5 tons or more.


Due to their simplicity, Resonic T machines are inexpensive compared to products capable of measuring full mass properties.


Typical applications

Rotating parts

Parts that have a fixed axis of rotation, such as tires, clutches, (dual mass) flywheels, shafts, gears, propellers, and impellers.

Norms and standards

Sometimes MOI measurements are required by norms and standards only for specific axes, as can be the case for crash test cubes, racing helmets, and golf club heads.


Resonic T is our solution for measuring single moments of inertia. For full mass property measurement systems, please refer to our product lines G, F, S, K, and P.

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