Resonic F offers outstanding measurement range; a single machine achieves the same percentage accuracy for a complete car as for the car’s engine. It also measures all three MOIs of oblong objects with the same percentage accuracy, even if one MOI is 100 times smaller than another. That is combined with a uniquely small package and an efficient, fail-proof process.

Solution with outstanding range and scalability

Fast and accurate mass property measurements on a very compact and mobile device



Full MPM results are available within minutes after setup through a simple and fail-proof process. There is no need to reposition the test object multiple times.


High accuracy is maintained over a particularly wide measurement range, even for oblong objects where three very different MOIs must be measured simultaneously.

Compact and mobile

Very small and mobile hardware with various options are available for easy transport and storage.

Unlimited work space

A small machine can carry objects of any size because the platform plane is the highest part of the machine.

Safe even with minimal fixtures

Resonic F has a horizontal platform and small accelerations, and there is no need for strong, bolted fixtures.


Resonic F is a cost-effective solution for extremely high load requirements (20 tons or more).


Typical applications

Cars and trucks

A full passenger car and its body in white, engine, gear unit, seats, and dashboard are measured by a single machine. Likewise, truck cabins, truck engines, and truck chassis are measured by a single machine.


A full bike and its sprung mass, wheels, steering parts, rear arm, and engine are measured by a single machine. Measurements with dummy riders are possible.


Drones, multi-copters, compact satellites, satellite sub-units, sounding rockets, and reentry vehicles. There is no need for permanent installation in an expensive clean-room space.


Resonic F is regularly used for on-site measurement services for F1 cars, and to perform high-speed configuration measurements (with or without wheels, a driver, etc.).

Ultra-heavy objects

Ship engines, construction machinery, earth-moving equipment, tracked vehicles, railway bogies, etc.

Floating objects

Ship models, offshore platform models, real-sized boats and inspection submarines, jet skis, outboard engines, and drill bits for oil and gas exploration.


Resonic F is our most versatile solution, but for some applications, the G, S, K, P, or T technologies will be a better choice.

The accuracy of Resonic F decreases for soft test objects with particularly high COGs, such as helicopters or large satellites measured in an upright position.

The accuracy of Resonic F also decreases for voluminous objects with high COGs, for which a large enclosed air volume significantly increases the dynamic mass (e.g., helicopters and large satellites).

For those cases, Resonic G can be the better solution.

It is possible, but not efficient, to build Resonic F machines for small objects below roughly 8kg. For small objects, Resonic K or Resonic P is the more economical choice.

For objects like combustion engines and gear units, which are compact and relatively rigid, Resonic S can be more economical.

For rotating parts like clutches or flywheels, for which there is no need to measure anything but a single MOI, Resonic T is the best solution.

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