Resonic P combines a conventional air-bearing pendulum with a high-precision test object positioner. It is our optimized solution to complement Resonic K when test objects become too heavy to lift by hand.


Highly repeatable positioning adapter

Resonic P adapters achieve the highest positioning accuracies thanks to rigid stops on which the measurement platform rests in its end positions. Unlike other conventional adapters, high stiffness of the movement mechanisms is therefore not required.

Upgrade for existing MOI instruments

With a Resonic P adapter and new software, existing single-MOI air-bearing pendulums (even from other manufacturers) can be upgraded to measurement systems for complete mass properties.

Impressions (cylinder setups)


Resonic P is primarily designed for easy-to-handle specimens in the 30-100 kg class (although adapters based on this principle can also be designed for significantly heavier test objects).

For test objects below 30 kg, Resonic K is recommended.

For test objects above 100 kg with similar accuracy requirements, our Resonic F and Resonic G technologies tend to be the better choice in most cases.

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