Resonic S is the original Resonic technology and is the best embodiment of our philosophy: very simple and robust hardware combined with a fast, easy, and failproof measurement process. Made possible by sophisticated software.

Minimalist with intention

Cost-effective mass property measurements of rigid test objects



Full MPM results are available within minutes after setup through a simple and failproof process. There is no need to reposition the test object multiple times.


Simple and robust mechanical components guarantee a long lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Powerful software

The hardware and measurement process are characterized by unparalleled simplicity. The complex part is mass property computation based on randomly excited free vibration signals. However, all computations are automatically handled by the software, providing the operator reliable feedback about data quality.


Typical applications

Vehicle propulsion

Combustion engines, gear units, differential gears, electric motors, battery units.

Car body attachments

Doors, tailgates, engine hoods.

Wheels and tires

For trucks, cars, and other vehicles.


Washing machine drums, oil and gas drill bits.



Compared to Resonic F and Resonic G, Resonic S has lower accuracy and requires higher test object stiffness.

Moreover, the horizontal dimensions of the workspace are limited by the support frame. However, Resonic S has the lowest hardware complexity and is the most economical solution.

Comparison table (PDF)

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