Fixtures and adapters

Resonic makes interfacing easy

With the exception of Resonic K, all Resonic measurement platforms remain horizontal throughout the process, and accelerations are very small. As a result, it is not necessary to bolt or clamp the test object to the platform. The interface between the test object and the platform only needs to provide stiffness and prevent play.

Thanks to Resonic’s coordinate transformation solutions, it is also unnecessary to install the test object in a particular position. The test object is usually hung from a crane close to the platform while modular interface components are installed at appropriate contact points.  

Modular fixtures

Through hands-on experience, Resonic has become an expert in curating, designing, and optimizing modular fixture sets that can be installed quickly and provide appropriate interfaces for a large variety of test objects.

  • It is often sufficient to place three washers or shims between the test object and the platform in order to prevent play.
  • If more than three contact points are used, the additional contact elements need to be height-adjustable.
  • If the contact surfaces do not form a single plane, the contact elements need to adapt to the angle between each contact surface and the platform plane.
  • If the contact surfaces are curved or not particularly stiff, the interface component can be a dough-like substance that becomes rigid within a few minutes.
  • Odd-shaped objects, like combustion engines, often do not have appropriate contact surfaces near the platform plane. For such objects, pedestals and telescopic struts are useful.
  • Clamps are useful for attaching fixture components to the platform so that they do not move when the test object is removed. Keeping the fixtures in the same position is important for a valid empty measurement.

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Resonic developed special adapters for test objects like passenger cars, truck cabins, and motorcycles. These adapters are needed mainly because the test objects are much larger than the Resonic measurement platform. For example, a 2000F machine has a platform size of only 1 m x 1 m, but with an adapter, it can measure large passenger cars.

Using adapters instead of increasing the platform size greatly increases the measurement range. For example, without the car adapter, a 2000F platform is small and light enough for accurate measurements of car engines, car seats, dashboards, and passenger dummies. With the adapter, however, it can measure an SUV.

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