Custom solutions

Besides the various choices for tools and accessories, Resonic MPM devices can be customized in various ways.


  • Load capacity (easily 20 tons and more with Resonic F)
  • Platform size
  • Pattern and size of threaded interface holes
  • Machine height for ergonomic working conditions

Special features

Special environments

  • Earthquake protection
    • secure and automatic locking of the measurement platform in case of a power outage
    • secure and automatic locking in case a seismic sensor or an emergency button is triggered
    • overturning protection with skids or ground anchors
  • Splash-water protection (e.g., when the machine is used near a wave tank)
  • Explosive environments (ATEX)

Special projects

  • Consulting on special projects (e.g., accurate measurement of all three COG coordinates of an enormous structure without specialized equipment)

Please contact us for more details. Resonic is confident that we can find an efficient solution to any problem in mass property measurements.