Coordinate transformations

Resonic’s coordinate transformation solutions make it possible to place the test object on the measurement platform in the most convenient position, without needing to consider the location of the test object coordinate system. A 3D measurement device measures the actual position, and the Resonic software transforms the mass property results into the test object coordinate system.



Higher accuracy

Any attempts at manual alignment are less accurate than 3D measurements. Even precision adapters are almost always less accurate than 3D measurements.


No human errors

Any attempt at manual alignment is susceptible to human error. By contrast, the 3D measurements include data quality indicators that make it almost impossible for errors to remain unnoticed.


Time savings

Even for objects with simple shapes (e.g., offshore platform models or satellites with plane interface flanges), accurate alignment can be time-consuming. 


No need for precision adapters

Particularly for oddly shaped test objects, accurate alignment is nearly impossible without expensive precision adapters.

Resonic coordinate transformation GUI

By default, the Resonic software includes a coordinate transformation GUI. This GUI requires the following data as inputs:

  • Positions of geometric features like holes, pins or planes in test object coordinates (usually CAD data)
  • Measured positions of the same geometric features (arbitrary coordinate system of the 3D measurement device)
  • Measured positions of 3D markers on the Resonic platform (arbitrary coordinate system of the 3D measurement device)

The GUI then does the following:

  • Computes the coordinate transformation based on the imported 3D data
  • Plots the quality of the fit between the measured data and the CAD data (a good fit assures that the coordinate transformation is correct)
  • Subtracts the empty MPM (fixture mass properties) from the combined fixture and test object MPM
  • Automatically transforms the test object mass property result into test object coordinates

Low-cost photogrammetry solution

Unless the customer already has a 3D measurement system for other applications, any conventional 3D measurement solution will significantly increase the overall cost of the mass property measurement system. To solve this problem, Resonic chose an inexpensive, but highly accurate, photogrammetry system with very limited software functionality and integrated the necessary functionality for data processing into the Resonic software. This system is by far the most cost-effective solution for coordinate transformations. Please contact Resonic for more details.