Accuracy diagnosis

Accuracy checks through reference measurements are important for acceptance tests. However, accuracy checks are also useful for proving at regular intervals that the MPM system has maintained its performance over time. Resonic has developed a quick and reliable method for these accuracy checks. The necessary hardware and software are available as an option for Resonic MPM systems. 

Diagnosis hardware

Resonic has designed frames capable of carrying precision steel cylinders in various different positions. By choosing the cylinder sizes and positions, a large variety of mass values, moments of inertia, products of inertia and locations of the center of gravity can be generated. The cylinder positions are measured with a 3D measurement device, which is already part of most Resonic MPM systems because it is needed for coordinate transformations.

Diagnosis software

The Resonic diagnosis software contains precise data about the mass and geometry of each cylinder. By combining these data with the raw 3D data, the software computes highly accurate (“true”) mass properties for a given combination of cylinders. The software also displays the 3D data fit in order to highlight possible mistakes. 

The operator then determines the overall mass properties of the cylinders and carrier frame by following the usual Resonic measurement process. Next, the operator removes the cylinders and repeats the measurement for the empty frame. Finally, the software subtracts the empty measurement from the overall measurement and compares the result with the “true” mass properties