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Innovation in mass property measurements

Resonic specializes in accurate, reliable, and user-friendly solutions for mass property measurements.

Our unique measurement systems are optimized with a focus on the complete process, not just high accuracy under laboratory conditions.

Any application

Resonic has a solution for almost any test objects ranging from a few grams to more than 20 tons, from tiny optics modules to engines, motorcycles, cars, ship models and boats, helicopters, all types of satellites, and ultra-heavy vehicles.


Resonic systems are compact and easy to transport, and they require no particular infrastructure. This allows us to offer measurement services not only at our facilities in Berlin and Yokohama, but also at customer sites throughout Europe and Japan.


Over more than a decade, Resonic has gained hands-on experience designing, curating, and optimizing accessories as well as calibration methods, lifting tools, fixtures and adapters, storage and transport solutions, and coordinate transformation methods based on 3D measurements.

Easy, fast, and accurate

After a few hours of training, the operator is capable of measuring complete mass properties accurately, quickly, safely, and reliably. The preparation work is kept to a minimum because the object is measured in a single, freely chosen position.


Our interactive software guides the operator through the measurement process. Full automation is available as an option. Human errors are unlikely and easy to catch due to the quality indicators displayed by the software.


Resonic systems can measure the complete mass properties of large objects on a measurement platform that remains horizontal throughout the measurement process. There is no need to tilt a large satellite or helicopter by 45° or 90°. Additionally, the accelerations are so small that clamping is usually unnecessary.

Typical applications










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Our product lines

Resonic G

High-end solution for large satellites and helicopters

Resonic F

Solution with outstanding range and scalability

Resonic S

Resonic S

Cost-effective solution for rigid test objects

Resonic K

Resonic K

Efficient solution for small test objects

Resonic T

Resonic T

Solution for measuring a single moment of inertia

Measurement services

At Resonic facilities

Currently, we have test facilities in Berlin and Yokohama.

Mobile / on site

Currently, we can provide measurement services on short notice anywhere in Europe or Japan.

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